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Filatelia López

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Filatelia López
Location Barcelona, Spain
Address Carrer d'Entença 42, 08015 Barcelona
Phone +(34) 933 257 993
Operation Hours Monday - Friday: 9 am - 2 pm & 4 pm - 7 pm
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Established in Barcelona in 1981, Filatelia López is located at Carrer d'Entença in Barcelona's Eixample District. The store specializes in the purchase and sale of collectibles, including stamps, coins, banknotes, champagne caps, phone cards, lottery, sugar envelopes, binders, file sheets and many more. The shop carries a large inventory of archival materials from the most well-known brands such as The Cultural Album Torres, Anfil, Edifil, Efilcar, Lighthouse, Olegaria, Brown, and Safe. Filatelia López is a member of the International Federation of Associations of Merchants Seals (IFSDA) as well as the National Association of Entrepreneurs of Spain Stamp and Coin.

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Filatelia López,

Filatelia López,

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