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Jump to: navigation, search is a wiki project set to create a comprehensive, free and reliable reference source of antique shops and market places in cities around the world. Its ultimate goal is to help travelers search for antiques and collectibles when they visit new destinations. The website is built collaboratively, in the spirit of knowledge exchange, by antique lovers across the globe. We welcome your contribution!

How To Contribute

The core of this project form antiques lovers and contributors from different countries. You can also contribute to the project in one of the following ways.

List an antique market place. Tell us about antique shops and/or market places you have visited on your recent trip that are not yet listed on this website.

Keep our listings up-to-date

Perform site patrol

Improve English

Which antique shops and markets to add features antique shopping districts, fairs, shops, malls, and auction houses.

Antique business owners are welcome to list their businesses on this website as long as they fit the above descriptions.

Businesses NOT eligible for this website are the following:

Shop and Market Place Description Guidelines

All antique shop or market place descriptions must contain the following components:

To begin contributing, please click here.

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