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Huutokauppa Helander

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Huutokauppa Helander
Location Helsinki, Finland
Address Hämeentie 105 A, 00550 Helsinki
Phone + 358 (0)9 728 7287
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Located in the Länsi-Pakila district of Helsinki, Huutokauppa Helander is a full-service auction house that specializes in antiques and collectibles, such as lighting, furniture, ceramics, sculptures, paintings silver, pottery, jewelry, glass, clocks, porcelain, currency and other miscellaneous items. Huutokauppa Helander, which was founded by broker Mikko Helander, is currently managed by its CEO Jan Myller. The auction house conducts catalogued auctions at the beginning of each month.

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Huutokauppa Helander,

Huutokauppa Helander,

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