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Olde Good Things (New York)

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Olde Good Things (New York)
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Shop window of the Olde Good Things' store in Chelsea
Location New York, NY, USA
Address 124 West 24th Street, New York, NY 10011
Phone (212) 989-8401
Operation Hours daily, 10 am to 7 pm
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One of six stores across United States, New York City's Olde Good Things specializes in rare city architectural finds, from ornate marble mantel pieces to iron stoves and stained-glass windows to ceiling of chandeliers. The main New York store – the one in Chelsea – is a overflowing two-floor maze of antique furniture, lamps, and various glass- and hardware. You'll find here antique mirrors, glass Deco lamps, hand-blown glass drawer pulls, doorknobs, silver canisters, pharmaceutical bottles, and not least: really old doors, mantels, decorative iron, stained glass and many more olde good things.

Olde Good Things began humble: ladies from the Church of Bible Understanding were selling old doorknobs on street corners and at flea markets, which came to be in high demand among vintage hunters and home decorators. Founded in 1995 in Scranton, Pennsylvania, and where their "National Warehouse" now is, Olde Good Things has three stores in New York and two – in Los Angeles. Apart from the one Chelsea, the other two New York stores are located at Union Square (East 16th Street, between 5th Avenue & Union Square) and in the Upper West Side Manhattan (West 82st Street and Columbus Avenue).

Here is a link to a page that explores Olde Good Things' connection with the Church of Bible Understanding and orphanages in Haiti. There is also a picture of Stewart Traill, the man behind the organization as well as numerous photos of Olde Good Things workers dismantling buildings to recover architectural hardware and fixtures.

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