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MyCityAntiquing is a wiki project specially created to help antique collectors around the globe in their treasure hunt. Bringing home something special, unique, and a with bit of a history will not only brighten up your memory of the destination visited, but will also find a designated place in your own, personal collection. And, by the way, this is always a good investment, too! Until now, there has been no single comprehensive source providing information on local antique shops, but with your help, the MyCityAntiquing project is going to reveal these sometimes hard-to-find locations in their entirety. The website is built collaboratively by travelers from around the world.

MyCityAntiquing iPhone app is the perfect companion for travelers. Not only does it provide information about the most popular antique shops and markets in the city, but also guides you to their very door.

The following gallery displays the functions and features of the application: (click on any photo to enlarge).