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Gentofte Loppemarked

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Gentofte Loppemarked
Gentofte Loppemarked 3.jpg
Gentofte Loppemarked stands
Location Charlottenlund, Denmark
Address Bregnegårdsvej, DK-2920 Charlottenlund
Operation Hours Every Sunday: 8 am - 2 pm, 10 April to 2 October
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Gentofte Loppemarked is a weekly flea market that is located right next to Charlottenlund Station, Copenhagen. Held every Sunday, it gathers over 2,000 visitors, offering a wide array of items such as clothes, pots, bowls vases, helmets, books, baskets, toys, candlesticks, and many more.

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Gentofte Loppemarked,

Gentofte Loppemarked,

Gentofte Loppemarked,

Gentofte Loppemarked,