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Københavns Auktioner

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Københavns Auktioner
Kobenhavns Auktioner logo.jpg
Københavns Auktioner logo
Location Copenhagen, Denmark
Address Sluseholmen 14, DK-2450 Copenhagen
Phone +(45) 39 299000
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Københavns Auktioner is Denmark's oldest auction house. Located in Kongens Enghave, the auction house regularly conducts its auctions of a wide variety of items such as art, antiques, expensive furniture, various machinery, books, coins, cars, etc. In addition, it also offers an interesting assortment of old teak furniture and Persian carpets. The auction house was started in 1860 by Chr. Hee in Copenhagen. By 1922, the auction house has developed into a fashionable auction business on Old Kings Road. In 2008, the auction house was taken over by David Kragh Petersen, who continued the business at the old premises. It was only in 2009 when the auction house moved to its current location.

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Københavns Auktioner,

Københavns Auktioner,

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