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Tishinskaya Square Flea Market

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Tishinskaya Square Flea Market
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At the Tishinskaya Square Flea Market
Location Moscow, Russia
Address Tishinka Commercial Center, Tishinskaya Square 1, 123056 Moscow
Phone +7 (925) 585-7274
Operation Hours 4 times a year, in March, May, September and December, Thursday to Sunday (4 days event), from 10 am till close
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Tishinskaya Square Flea Market is a seasonal Moscow antique trade fair, hosted at the Moscow's Tishinka Center, not far from Patriarshye Ponds. Organized 4 times a year, in March, May, September and December, the fair gathers over a hundred of antique salons, shops, private collectors and simple vendors from Russia, Ukraine, France, Belgium, Germany, Central Asia and other countries. Offering a wide selection of antiques and vintage merchandise, you'll find here fine porcelain, glassware, bronze, vintage jewelry, 19th and 20th century hats, '50s Russian porcelain figurines, vintage clothes, toys, dolls, old postcards, and tons of Soviet memorabilia.

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